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By Really? (registered) | Posted November 09, 2009 at 17:23:13

I'm confident that with the Provincial Government calling the shots, things will progress properly. McGuinty & Co are seriously dedicated to GO Transit, and Public Transit in general. I see this as way of justifying their huge Metrolinx expenditures; and Hamilton will end up with LRT regardless. I fear it may be modified (ie: B-Line from Mac to Downtown only; and A-Line Downtown to PanAm Park only), however. The 'rest' would come after the games, but along with the success of the existing lines, the expansion would be a no-brainer.

Also, congrats to Jill Stephens. Unless I'm mistaken, I think she's been promoted? I don't think her title was that long before? Kudos to all who have been pushing for Light Rail, and this PanAm bid.

Unlike Torontonians, Hamilton is very proud and excited to host this event! Thanks again to everyone involved!

Also, great article, Ryan! Makes tons of sense!

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