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By frank (registered) | Posted November 09, 2009 at 09:16:28

Good golly Miss Molly! I agree with Jason and Ryan. Ryan's approach is great. The only problem with banning trucks downtown is that we need to bring in the material & machines to build better transit and buildings downtown. I think it's possible to use a permit system in those cases. I'm all for it. I hate the feeling of driving or walking downtown with transport trucks flying by - small delivery trucks only thank you very much. Build a stinking warehouse up in your Aerotropolis heaven and run smaller trucks into the core from there.

As far as the accident itself goes, that truck has no business turning that sharp. Also if I'm not mistaken, the stickers on the trucks say "Wide Right Turn" which makes sense. If said trucker was turning into his proper lane there (the second one or even the far right lane (Queen is 3 lanes there I believe) he wouldn't be where he is. It does look like he's trying to turn from the right hand turn lane into the first lane of traffic. Oh, and btw, that corner isn't even 90 degrees in fact it's closer to 135. Any idiot with a browser and the ability to navigate to google maps should be able to figure that out.

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