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By jason (registered) | Posted November 07, 2009 at 08:17:09

Jon C - "I'm not saying it makes sense, but unless the city has banned trucks on that route, that's how anyone would expect a truck to turn onto that route."

EXACTLY. I make the turn several times per week and have no problem staying in my turning lane (for those unfamiliar with this intersection and it sounds like there are several, there are two turning lanes side by side).

The fact that a truck can't make an urban corner in downtown Hamilton makes my point even stronger. We've spent over $1 billion on freeways in Hamilton in recent years - it's time to start using them properly!

As a downtown resident who spends literally all of my time and money downtown I'll never stop crusading for a safer, pedestrian/child friendly downtown.

A new truck route master plan is being prepared right now and from what I can tell, the only change in this area is banning trucks on Dundurn from King to York. When will Hamilton stop acting like it's 1950 and tell these trucks to use our highways?? They have no need to use York/Cannon or Main other than LOCAL delivery.

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