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By jason (registered) | Posted November 06, 2009 at 14:34:02

the police were already on scene and my statement above was "it looks like the truck...."

Perhaps the van was to blame, but looking at the photo it sure appears as though each vehicle was in their turning lane. Regardless, if this was two mini-vans it would be a fender-bender, but since we encourage transport trucks in our downtown core, it turns into the crumpling of the front of a van.
This was at lunch hour as well with several kids crossing the street for nearby schools and folks coming and going from the Asian shops along York.

I've long opposed the allowance of transport trucks in our downtown residential neighbourhoods and am not ashamed one bit to highlight this disastrous situation any chance that I get. I was once almost killed by a truck the flipped onto it's side half a block in front of me on Dundurn North. I was walking (no I wasn't wearing an ipod, the spec will be disappointed to know) on the sidewalk and the truck lost control and flipped onto the sidewalk. Same thing happened to my neighbour and their small child walking down York. Both were narrow misses. One of these days it won't be a narrow miss and I plan on pulling out my collection of emails to police and the city spanning several years warning of such danger.
If you want to allow your kids to play on the shoulder of a freeway, be my guest. Most of us don't.

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