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By JonC (registered) | Posted October 28, 2009 at 23:03:07

For canbyte in particular, I'm not sure why anyone actually assumes that Smith presents actual facts. What Smith fails to note is that the transit budget now includes Darts in the total transit cost, along with HSR. Either he's being intentionally dishonest or he honestly thought the budget shot up by over 10M in one year. Either way, please enjoy my demolishing of his previous argument.....

First, the demonstration of combining budget line items from 2007 to 2008.

For 2007 approved budget

Transit 27,001,610 Accessible Transportation Services (DARTS) 10,733,737

Notice that in 2008, the budget now states (feel free to find separate entries for HSR & DARTS if you'd like).

Transit 2007 ---> 37,594,054 & 2008 ---> 40,250,550

and again in 2009 in 2009

Transit 42,208,389

Assuming the same ratio of HSR/Darts funding (giving HSR funding of 28.8M), the actual increase to HSR funding over 2002 - 2009 is actually 4.52%

Additionally, Smith has stated the 2002 HSR funding to be 4.98% of the total budget and the 2009 HSR budget accounts for 5.14% of the total city expenditures (560M). If you include the boards and agencies (which you should since they are part of the total budget and primarily are police services) HSR has actually decreased from 4.17% of the budget to 3.98% of the budget.

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