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By Really? (registered) | Posted October 28, 2009 at 15:06:46

schmadrian >> "that the world you envision...especially in the Hamilton area...will never come to pass. "

So you're pretty much saying, "If you want a Better/More Urban Lifestyle, move to Toronto (or Montreal, Portland, NYC, etc)"!??!?!

Why should we have to?! Why can't we advocate for change within OUR City to make OUR City as Urban-Friendly as Toronto? Is it because 'we don't want it'!? I doubt that considering the hoards of Hamiltonians that go to Toronto on a daily basis jsut to get that 'Urban Feel' (shopping along Queen St, riding the subway/streetcar, whatever).

Is it because Hamilton is so auto-centric (One-Way Expressways, Timed Lights, Surface Parking Everywhere)!? Then we change that; Two-Way Conversion, Priority Signals for Transit, surface lots developped into Commercial/Residential/Public use, not just for seas of cars to park between 9-5).

Hamilton has all the tools, a great urban fabric (yes, even outside of Downtown), a passionate population... yet no will/care from those that we look to for Leadership.

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