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By Really? (registered) | Posted October 28, 2009 at 12:43:30

schmadrian >> "What is the intent of the HSR?"

I think what the intent of HSR should be is a TTC-type, where buses come every 5-10 minutes, to feed you into a Higher Order Rapid Transit System (in Toronto's case the subway, for Hamilton, several Light Rail Lines across the City, including across Main in the lower City, and one across Mohawk on the Mountain, and the A-Line of course (in the least).

These LRTs should be Rapid, Efficient (every 10mins MAX), Comfortable & Safe.

Once a proper 'Big City System' is implemented, and it also takes 20-30 minutes to get Downtown using a Connected, Efficient & Rapid Transit System, people will begin to choose Public Transit over Personal Vehicles. Also, converting our arcaic One-Way Road System will ultimately assist is bringing up ridership as it wont be as convenient to drive anymore.

A massive re-working NEEDS to happen; But with the lack of Political Will and/or any sense of Political Leadership in Hamilton --along with the above-mentioned Heart-On Local Politicians have with Suburban Developpers-- things wont change.

I agree... Lets re-name Hamilton's 2010 election to: The Hamilton Clean Sweep 2010!

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