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Thought your article was so good I printed all five pages. I am a founding member of a grassroots community group here in the East end called Community Action Parkdale East. 2004 was our 10th year. You are so right, volunteering can be overwhelming especially when your compassionate about a certain issue. The research which is also time consuming is the key to success when winning any particular battle. We jumped into a bunch of issues starting with the use of Woodward Ave for the Redhill Exp., then discovering the leachate coming out of Brampton and Rennie dumps and the Sewage Treatment Plant is in our neighbourhood and the list goes on. You know it was a form of entertainment, I would get a glee of satisfaction when catching a consultant in a complete contradiction or making a Beurocrats face turn red, the homemaker verses the suits,better than real TV. We had successes, The Expressway didn't come down Woodward, the creek instead, sigh. One day after we received documents from the M.O.E on the stack failures at the S.T.P. the incinerater was shut down. And the city was forsed to clean up the toxic landfills. I think there just aren't enough people who care, or people who cared and got stung and gave up. The solution to burn-out I think is to tackle the things that you might have a chance of change, and the things that are a go....go with the flow and get the best possible outcome. I live by this, "New things cannot come where there is no room. Keep up the good work, Ben, I look forward to your next article Burke

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