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By canbyte (registered) | Posted October 28, 2009 at 00:19:21

If A Smith is right (HSR gets 42 million) then Ryan has overstated his case by asserting that HSR only gets 27million??

If Ryan wants suburbs to pay more, should they be happy getting little (useless?) HSR service as CityJoe asserts? Presumably, giving them really good service as Grassroots wants would be astronomical.

A Smith doesn't trust public enterprise and wants to scrap HSR entirely. This is unfairly criticized by those not trustful of private enterprise (Balance, CityJoe). FACT: HSR shares a duopoly with regulated taxis. Result - inability to develop new ideas. The problem is that (contrary to the tenor of this article) there are too many buses running around with too few people in them. This is caused by density (lack of it). Get it through our collective head that Hamilton (outside the core) is not a city, except on paper, just a glorified suburb, so really, perhaps nothing is sustainable/affordable. Frontages here mostly exceed 40', many Toronto neighbourhoods average half that. Which partly explains our too-high taxes. Which explains our (relatively) depressed real estate prices.

Behind all this is the political reality that developers (& their construction buddies)run the show (by being the only contributors to political candidates). Why would a developer of new housing tracts want an efficient transit in a denser city? If you don't like this, get your wallet out and/or make signs for a new kind of candidate who wants a new kind of city.

Get the broom. Here's to a clean sweep.


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