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By Meredith (registered) - website | Posted October 27, 2009 at 23:15:33

Simply pointing out that a post is off-topic does not mean it is a personal attack. Stating that a post does not fit in a particular topic is not a personal judgment, but an objective assessment of the content. I would not take it personally if I were you :)

I have been impressed with the direction of the Strathcona neighbourhood in general since starting to work there about two years ago, and especially since my work moved from York to King Street and we have got to know a lot of our neighbours.

Some people (possibly it was Jason) have mentioned before that its one of the few neighbourhoods that we truly see the mixed-income housing and various types of housing side by side - from the low-rises to the multi-unit houses to single homes. I have seen detached houses for sale from 80k to 400k+ in the neighbourhood over the past two years and rentals all over the map. I know people on welfare living comfortably there and people in excellent jobs who also like living there.

I love seeing the various businesses that have been around for decades on my stretch of King - 54 years, 45 years, 35 years - right beside media production companies, the theatre, and then new artists studio and the restaurant opening.

Even in recent conversation with a Dundad gentleman who sends his children to school in Strathcona and has their family moving there, because of the quality of the education there.

Ive actually been a bit torn whether or not when, in the future wnen I am able to buy again instead of rent, I will move to that neighbourhood eventually - I very much value being able to live closer to my work and think that for the type of work I do it is especially important, but its not a neighbourhood where I feel my investment and property improvement would make as much of a difference as it could in other neighbourhoods, and I value that too.

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