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By By Kerr Osborn (anonymous) | Posted October 20, 2009 at 13:53:15

Kevlahan: "The final choice has still not been made, but King St is the preferred choice in the core because this solution maximizes traffic flow (i.e. motor vehicles). Because this solution involves two-way conversion of both Main and King, it would still dramatically improve the streetscape of Main St by slowing traffic and making it less of a freeway through downtown."

As someone else has pointed out, however, the downtown stretch of King is already more congested than Main. A two-way LRT line plus two single lanes of W-E/E-W traffic is all that would be possible from James to Wellington, and you mightn't even have automobile traffic from Wellington to Catharine as it would surely compromise the sidewalks along that stretch. The traffic flow may be reduced on Main and King, but it may well see a lateral distribution, as collector roads like Hunter, Wilson and Cannon will be have as just as many lanes.

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