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By Really? (registered) | Posted October 17, 2009 at 09:59:15

Barton is in desperate need of a Rapid Transit Line, and should be implemented asap (B-Line-type rapid transit is ok for now, but Higher Order Transit must be in the mid-term goals for the City)

Undustrial is correct, development in this City is a joke. So if LRT is placed along King, I fear that City Planners will 'plan'/allow these great stocks of ped-friendly blocks to be torn down for 'NEW'/'transformative' developments (think Jackson Square, First Place Tower-type developments), while losing King Street's current character (think York Blvd).

Again, if LRT is along Main, people who live North of King are still going to have to cross and/or walk along King to get to/from their Main Street LRT Stn. So that could mean a coffee and croissant bought before work at that new Cafe, or a stop into that new Shoe Store after a stressful day... all within your walk to/from work!

But my true concern is still, and will always be, the 'RAPID aspect'. I still feel that LRT along Main Street would move faster, which would make it more attractive than it's main competitor in Hamilton; The Personald Vehicle.

It may look nicer for a sleek, low-riding, modern train to move down a winding road, conencted to a gorgeous Urban Square; but it's not the best, most efficient way of getting from one end of the City to the Other, which is The Main Reason for Light Rail RAPID Transit

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