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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted October 15, 2009 at 22:40:32

"And those 5% of cyclists cause far less than 5% of road damage."

This is very true. Cyclists create the least road damage but suffer disproportionately from the road damage. Much of the time when I take a full right lane, it is because the asphalt is all busted up and dangerous for a bike tire. In spots I have to leave bike lanes and enter the right traffic lane momentarily to pass damage. The sunken grates become particularly dangerous and have damaged tires on more than one occasion because it was unsafe to move out into the lane and I had to run over a pothole as the lesser of the evils. Usually I see it coming and adjust early, but if it catches you by surprise it is dangerous. Fortunately changing a bike tire is dirt cheap :)

"That's why cyclists have had such warm relations with the majority of drivers on the road."

It is heartwarming to see progress on that front, and there is noticeable progress. Like Ryan said though, it is an engineering problem best approached with an engineering solution. I really appreciate their patience, but I would so much rather not inconvenience a bus or vehicle at all. With proper engineering most if not all of the contention can be removed, making that part pretty close to a non-issue!

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