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By LL (registered) - website | Posted October 15, 2009 at 19:03:43

Even with a city-wide, connected bike network, bike lanes would surely occupy far less than 5% of road space. And those 5% of cyclists cause far less than 5% of road damage. And, even though it's a separate set of "accounts", cyclists deserve a discount for contributing less to health care costs compared to drivers.

Another point: from my understanding the 5% number is a modal share, measured in Vehicle Kilometers Travelled. The actual percentage of people who ride a bike some of the time will be considerably higher. For example, I'm as avid a cyclist as you'll find - it's my main mode 12 months of the year, but quite often I take a bus or borrow a car.

So your argument is unjust, even according to your anal, instrumental reduction of humans to economistic stats. Thankfully, most people don't buy into that ethically bankrupt way of seeing the world. They understand that the community has a duty to support those who are making a choice to go green. That's why cyclists have had such warm relations with the majority of drivers on the road.

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