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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted October 15, 2009 at 11:34:23

"Frankly, that's appalling when the issue is a matter of life and death. I write this as someone who recently had a motorist speed past me, yell "Get off the road, asshole!" and then cut me off so I had to swerve, slam my brakes and try not to crash into a parked car. "

This has happened to me as well. Fortunately only once or twice a year. There is now a camera on my bike and any such incidences WILL be reported to the police.

That said, I am delighted and amazed at how courteous people are becoming. It is important to be courteous yourself ... queuing with traffic, being predictable and lawful, that sort of thing. I make sure I wave thank you. I have been waving thank you a lot lately. Once in a while a bus or transport truck slowly drives behind me if they cannot pass safely. If I notice it I yield and let them pass even though I don't have to - and they love it and wave thankfully at me. I genuinely do not want to interfere with traffic but I must ride using the arrangement that has been put in place, which in this region is usually sharing the road.

I am very pleasantly surprised at the number of motorists that have waved me in, been patient, and so on, in the last month or so. I suspect that the manufactured war is backfiring on the instigators - it is increasing awareness and is cooling people down, not instigating fights like they want. So, they have to turn to other punitive measures to defend the Old System like threatening licensing.

You are all awesome. During his journey through life, one day those like A Smith will be humbled and will be in need of compassion and hopefully that inspires them to think differently, or at least reexamine some assumptions and attitudes. Let's ignore the crazies and be nice to each other.

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