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By Seam (anonymous) | Posted October 14, 2009 at 12:41:49

As you mentioned Borelli, the problem with cycling to most people, especially in Hamilton, cities havn't given the cyclist an option. The city would like to support and maintain the status quo of being lazy, car drivers, opting to do nothing to encourage cycling. What roads make people comfortable when riding in Hamilton? NONE!

The change to Hamilton's roadways to encourage more cycling is simple. Turn the far right lane on Main St. and/or King St. into a bus and cycling only lane. Twenty feet before each major intersection, vehicles have an opportunity to enter the right lane to make their necessary right turn. Since every other major street is one way in the opposite direction, this idea wouldn't be very difficult to implement. Does the Main St. need 4 lanes all the time? Maybe rush hour would be less chaotic if more people had at least one major city road to ride a bicycle down. It's nerve racking to ride downtown, yet faster to get around, cheaper, and better for you and me!

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