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By Mahesh P. Butani -- http://www.metroHami (anonymous) | Posted October 09, 2009 at 19:48:25

Appreciate your kind words, Michael!! And am really glad to hear another voice in our city that recognizes the need to engage with the many issues of intellectual brownfields in our midst.

The 1337/LEET speak which is more a result than a response - has much in common with the staccato, bullet-point riddled corporate speak. Both share their passions for stripping 'imagery' from words - that crucial element required for ushering in change and prosperity.

It took billions of dollars of research and frantic motion on the edge of technology to invent a 'language' that has ended up looking like this:

A=4 /- @ ^ /
B=8 ]3 ]8 |3 |8
C=( {
D=) } |) |} |> >
F*=# |=
G=6 9 (_>
H=# |-| (-) )-( }{ {-} /-/ -
I=1 ! |
J**=_| j
R=|2 |? |-
T=7 + ']'
U=(_) |_| \_ /_/
W=// |/|

Is it any wonder that our questioning have become so elliptical, our solutions for change so obtuse, our means so expensive, our ends so far!!

'Polite dismissal' of language that attempts to (re)invoke imagery in our times - is just a glaring symptom of our intellectual brownfields.

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