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By FenceSitter (anonymous) | Posted October 09, 2009 at 09:50:19

I had to laugh when I saw the column in the spec. Maybe Andrew wanted to spend the long weekend answering all of the emails he may receive.

Timely response RTH.

He is right - cyclists should obey the rules of the road/footpath more often.

But.... so should cars AND pedestrians. OR...

Maybe we should look at less rules - a true shared space for all.

I know RTH ran some articles on shared roads a while ago, not enough time now to search the archives. I would like to share a quick story.

Driving through a 1960's era subdivision in St.Catherines a year ago, I noticed no stop, 4-way stop or yield signs at any of the intersections. Did it result in anarchy?? No, you were encouraged (forced??) to drive slowly through the streets knowing at every intersection you may have to yield.

Much better than people driving along my downtown street at 50km plus, knowing they have right of way as they speed by the T-intersection. And much better than 4-way stops at every single intersection.

We all share the roads. Education for all users at a young age sounds like a good place to start.

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