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By ForeignAutoCompaniesSuck (anonymous) | Posted October 08, 2009 at 00:08:55

I'll drive a rusty, old, Ford pickup truck over a new Toyota or any other foeign peice of shit any day. American trucks are built and engineered to last and to use for work. What kind of jackass wants a Honda Ridgeline? The Honda Ridgeline is a sad excuse for a truck. Buy a real truck that looks great and you can use to do work with and haul stuff around.
And what the hell does it matter if people want to drive their truck everyday? I agree there are some people that shouldn't be driving trucks or big SUVs but don't forget there are probably just as many people driving their little foreign peice of shit cars that probably shouldn't be behind the wheel as well. Everyday I usually see at least one person driving their little Mitsubishi or their Mazda that sure as hell don't know how to drive it. There are some people that it just doesn't matter what they drive whether it be big or small because some people just suck at driving.
American trucks are great vehicles and are very versatile. They can be used to drive around the family, drive in the snow if you have 4 wheel, towing, and much more. Really the only vehicle any one needs is a truck because it can be used to take care of all your needs. Where is a Honda Civic or a Toyota Prius going to get me in the winter when there is 6 inches of snow on the ground? I think I'll take my truck because I know it won't let me down. You take your Civic and call my when you get stuck so I can have a good laugh.

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