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By UrbanRenaissance (registered) | Posted October 06, 2009 at 16:12:53

"Now if only I can learn the "tl;dr method of communication" would save so much of everyone's time!! "

LOL Mahesh, I don't think you need to go quite as far as posting in hyper-abbreviated 1337-speak, but keep in mind some of us are reading/posting as a short break from work and often aren't able to fully read through your verbose posts and comments uninterrupted.

As far as your piece above goes, I did (eventually) get through it and I thought it was well written bit of prose. I call it prose rather than an article only because opinion articles here very rarely use phrases like "We scream with high pitched directorial flair... " or "Experienced gardeners never lament the loss of plants - they dance with the cycle of life.". ;-)

You thoughts on the "micro-management" of neighbourhoods is also interesting. In business I've always believed that micro-management was the result of mistrust between the supervisor and the supervised; in some cases it's justified, in others, not so much. And I can see the connection between that type of mistrust and the mistrust our civic leaders apparently have for us, since they'd rather hire consultants to tell us what we want our city to be rather than just asking us.

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