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By Iliafer (anonymous) | Posted October 02, 2009 at 14:14:31

White Knight? Certainly not. A measurable incremental change - I don't think there's any doubt about that an NHL hockey team would've provided this.

The many potential benefits to the service and entertainment industry were already mentioned by previous posters. We've already seen some speculative investment (Cottage Life) in the area without the certainty of a hockey team. I think that this is recognition of the potential for this city. The benefits of having an NHL hockey team would mean that there would be a steady flow of customers for downtown investors. Unfortuantely, downtown Hamilton is not widely viewed as a shopping, dining and entertainment destination...yet. I believe this might've been the single greatest impact of having an NHL team in Hamilton. I live downtown and already appreciate what it has to offer, but I am in the minority.

On the potential of having an NHL team in the future, my sense is that the public and NHL are now (painfully) aware of the undeniable market offered by Hamilton. However, I also agree with what some others have said - the old boy's club of the NHL might only be willing to tread on MLSE territory when a hefty expansion fee is collected in compensation.

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