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By madmatt (anonymous) | Posted October 02, 2009 at 13:07:05

I think the NHL needs to go to a division system similar to English football (soccer). Small market teams can work their way up to the top division and teams that fail to deliver get relegated to the next lowest division. Cities like Hamilton, Winnipeg, Quebec and even Phoenix could afford a team and have the same chance of reaching the top tier as any other team that puts the effort in. I guess that would mean the Leaves would be in the bottom tier playing against the likes of Sudbury and Moose Jaw (no insult intended towards those 2 cities). It's all well and good to support the Bulldogs, but they are a farm team and routinely have their top players sent to the Canadiens; remember what happened the season following the Calder Cup win? Instead of being decimated, we would have moved up to the top division. I guess it's all about bidness and less about the game, as the NHL proved in court.

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