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By Mahesh P. Butani -- http://www.metroHami (anonymous) | Posted September 29, 2009 at 17:02:15

Hi Ryan,
Nice approach for comments :-)

Could also be applied to articles and blog posts that inflame, incite, waylay, or are simply not well researched - with appropriate or inappropriate titles or techniques.

How does one score this without having readers spend time commenting on the obvious - and having such kind of threads then becomes the standard for our "community discourse". Doesn't readers scoring comments in this scenario becomes a futile exercise?

Could the article or blog itself be made to start fading on the cumulative score; or even by way of a separate scoring that could be made available to readers at the end of each article or post?

On a side note -- I wanted to follow up on a hunch I had, and had a tech friend in the US quickly run thru a sample of various posts/articles with comments from RTH - on an advanced pattern recognition tools that I was involved with years ago. This was done with various custom parameters such as buzz words, ideas, concepts, trends, repeating words (ideas)etc... and the quick snapshot that emerged was revealing of the thoughts and direction that prevail on the RTH community. His quick comments were that as in many online forums the discussion here was showing to get circular very fast, and vary few action triggers were generated at end of discussions based on total word counts. Unfortunately I could not get him to send me the visual images of these patterns as this was done on his work computer... but if you are interested there are some similar tools available (possibly freeware too)which you could work on in more detail to analyze the content and comments here.

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