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By D. Shields (registered) | Posted September 26, 2009 at 20:50:04

Meredith said: "But there's also lots of people who I really don't want to be around who don't provide any real contribution to the city. "

There's good & bad everywhere. Here are some of the Up Towners that I don't want to be around:

People who routinely use their outlandish huge vehicles as weapons against other cars, cyclists, & pedestrians, as well as animals. (see above comment) People who drive like kamikazi pilots in the Timmy lots. (esp. annoying if you aren't going to Timmys!) Another poster alluded to this. The Dog Hater who has his house surrounded with "No Dogs Allowed" signs who thinks he bought the whole street when he bought his house & seems to have surveillance cameras so that he can harrange dog walkers. People who will take up not 1 but 2 Handicapped parking spaces by parking sideways with a vehicle without a Handicapped sticker. People who block city streets to park @ a new coffee bar. People to decide the world is their recycle bin & throw their fast food cups & wrappers all over. People who throw cans & bottles at you (sometimes full & they hurt!) from passing vehicles. People who dump several 24 cases of beer bottles out of their vehicle in such way that they all break in a parking lot. People who vandalize the ITMs at the same bank every long weekend. People who set fire to the same church 3 times (church is located behind the bank!) The bald hairdresser who smashed into my parked car, & was so incensed that I reported the accident, she waited until my car got out of the body shop & smashed it again. People who use passive aggressive tactics & hide behind them. These people are "paragons of manners & class". Like the guy/gals who get into the gas bar on a very very busy day, fills up the car, takes his/her time paying & then proceeds to squeegee every window, & mirror @ sssllloooow speed over & over & over again until somebody flips out on him/her. Then of course 'paragon' takes the moral high ground & calls 'oafish behaviour', or something worse depending on the size of the antagonist.

Welcome to my world! :D

Meredith, I'll trade you 2 beggars, 3 welfare Artistes, 3 dudes on scooter, 5 geezer mumblers, & several drug dealers (Oh Wait, we already have enough of those!)for 6 paragons of virtue & manners, any day of the week. I can avoid all of the people you have mentioned to some degree. I'm pretty much unavoidably stuck with the Jackasses & The Attitude.

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