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By Michelle Martin (registered) - website | Posted September 25, 2009 at 19:41:37

"It seems that this represent those voices from the top of society and not those of the people. "

Grassroots-- just because the Economist's vocabulary is a little highfalutin' doesn't mean they're not on the side of oppressed people. Have you not heard about their correspondent Andrew Meldrum getting himself kicked out of Zimbabwe? (completely tangential, but I'm just making a point)

I don't pretend to understand everything that's written in the Economist myself (not being an economist), but it's a useful magazine nonetheless, and it's editorial position is pretty much classically liberal. Heck, if an article is useful and informative, I'll read it- whether it comes from the centre, the left or the right-- whether it's a grassroots publication or something more established.

Information and knowledge, from reliable sources all along the spectrum, are power.

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