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By JonC (registered) | Posted September 25, 2009 at 12:15:38

For whatever reason I can't find even square footage for the entire building to work backwards from, but anticipated rents for the non-supported units are $800

"Battaglia says developing the other 106 open-rate units and commercial space will be privately financed. He figures monthly rent for the the private units would be in the $800 range. According to Canada Mortgage and Housing, the average apartment rent in the core is $687."

So, above average, but nothing grand, size wise, probably average, with the increased cost being related to the new condition (no mice, soundproof ceilings, all those perks compared to what I've come to associate with older rental units).

I doubt they would be more than 2 bedroom. It's tough to compare location to location and again the condition of the units, but here are some rentals priced at around the same price point

And I'm assuming that the market rate and reduced rate units will be around the same dimensions, so if that isn't right, then ignore all of the above.

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