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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted September 22, 2009 at 22:43:34

I think a big part of Hamilton's problem is our belief system. We have been told so many times that we are "working class", Toronto's ugly cousin, that we adopt policies that align with this image of our community.

What if Hamilton started acting like we were the richest community in Canada. First of all, we wouldn't go overboard selling ourselves to the rest of Canada, because we wouldn't have to. Furthermore, a wealthy city doesn't worry about getting it's fair share of tax money, because they have more than they need. In fact, the opposite is true of wealthy communities, they raise money for people in other communities.

People say that we can't "afford" to lower tax rates because our property values are lower, well of course they are. Until we have the confidence to lower them, because we think bad things will happen, our fear will keep this city poor.

Rich people don't worry about spending money, because they don't fear being poor. What if we stopped fearing being poor? What if the people of Hamilton quit worrying and just enjoyed sharing our wealth with others.

Is it possible that by acting like a rich community long enough, we will eventually become what we believe?

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