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By Curious (anonymous) | Posted September 21, 2009 at 17:41:53

Unfortunately you are all tilting at windmills at this point. In spite of some very astute observations on the part of some of you, especially Tammany, if you think the province is going to mess with what the city has given it, you are wrong. Why should the province invite lawsuits if the city was unwilling to change its list?

The Province and the Feds will say: "Look; we put out many millions of stimulus dollars to help affordable housing projects in communities. If Hamilton hasn't been able to get its act together without controversy, maybe we will just skip over this list and given money elsewhere." Or, they might say: "This is the list Hamilton gave us; this is the priority list we will fund. Period."

I doubt very much the province will want to fix Hamilton's procurement issues. These should have been fixed by the host municipality.

Also, what's with the numbered company? Who is to say that outfit isn't owned by the same group? Where is the transparency there? Over to you Tammany!

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