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By grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted September 20, 2009 at 12:57:32

D Shields: The problem lies in that many people do not understand the makeup of all those that struggle, as you have pointed out. Labels are easy to throw around.

There are many out there in the community who some would deem as the "undesirables", who are very active, volunteering, by getting on committees and such in an effort to bring the voices of all those who struggle to the forefront.

There are so many things we need to look at and WRCU2 has brought up a very valid point that we are creating an affordable housing industry, which goes along with the poverty industry, the temp industry and so on, which for the most part does little to actually move people away from the poverty cycle, in fact, in most cases they contribute. Here is only one example

There are many problems in this city but people need to get involved, particpate, lend their voice. Communication does not only mean talking but listening as well.

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