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By Artsey (anonymous) | Posted September 20, 2009 at 08:17:54

My husband and I have been living in Waterdown for about 15 years. We chose Waterdown because of the small town feel of it, with all ameneties within walking or biking distance. The clincher was the baseball diamond on Hamilton Road. It reminded me of my youth, spending summers in the small town of Mattawa.

Shortly after we moved, expansion of Dundas started. Little did we know that it was the beginning of the end of Waterdown as a small town. The expansion opened the flood gates to a huge amount of car and truck traffic. The nice quiet town we loved so much was gone. Since then, it has continued to expand, bringing with it more traffic, more noise, more construction and more vandalism (and one murder).

If that wasn't bad enough, we then amalgamated with Hamilton, which was the kiss of death. Areas deemed as part of the green belt was now open season for developpers. People who moved into homes with the green belt in their backyard were told there would be no development. I'm sure the people who bought those homes paid a premium. All bets were off when we amalgamated. Our new ploughs were taken away by Hamilton and now, our road is one of many that gets ploughed last by a famer in a tractor. Our sidewalks aren't ploughed either.

We recently purchased 25 acres in Hockley Valley so we can get away from Waterdown. The town we loved so much is now a thorn in our sides. We hate it here now. Too much traffic, too much noise and so many people. All the things we wanted to get away from. We realized, it didn't matter what people in Waterdown wanted. Hamilton would do whatever it wanted in order to make money, even if it meant distroying a beautiful Victorian small town. I can't wait to move.

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