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By A sign of the times ... (anonymous) | Posted September 18, 2009 at 15:41:56

grassroots --

Regarding municipal property taxes "soaring," that is nonsense. Hamilton has been and probably always will be one of the highest taxed cities in Ontario. Why? Because this city is broken. You and I are paying for those with addiction and God bless 'em, those who don't feel like workin'. Gore Park and the Downtown Core is FULL of them. Why do you think Burlington's property taxes are so low?

If I got sick, I have this thing called a Rainy Day Fund. I live within my means, on a very tight budget. I save every penny possible. I also have critical illness insurance - something everyone should have. As far as mentally and physically disabled persons; I believe strongly that their welfare payments are too low and need to be increased immediately. I however feel that too many people who "don't feel like working" are receiving payments and those scammers should be put on a "Work for Welfare" program. There are families in this city who have been on welfare for generations, literally!

As for those who are illeterate, can't do math or simple problem solving, too bad. Unless they have a mental or physical handicapt, I have no sympathy to those who made poor decisions in their early years. They chose not to finish high school and must live with their decision.

Yes, the so called "Labour Movement" did bring forward some very good policies in their early years. However, they got greedy. I will never forget how hostile the employees of US Steel Canada were against management. Always fighting, never happy, blah blah blah ... give me a break. If Dofasco is haveing a tough quarter, they switch to 3 or 4 days work weeks. Yes, it's painful, but the employees there atleast understand economic conditions. Come on, can you actually listen to Ken Lewenza without wanting to puke? He's a Communist!

I like how you assume that I favour bank bailouts. I would like to remind you that Canada had no bank, insurance or corporate bailouts. Unless you consider lower corprate taxes to keep people employed a bailout... which you probably do. The Canadian/Provincial Goverment was forced to bail out the unionized auto industry because the United States did so.

As for the fight against terrorism, lets agree to disagree. You can't fight terrorism with flowers. I don't know what will need to happen to western civilization to make you realize this. Canadians and other NATO Countires are in Afghanistan to help women and children go to school, work and yes, be treated like human beings.

I only look out for myself? Wow. You are so wrong my friend. If you only knew how much I give to various charities - which is my choice and not the Goverment.

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