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By grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted September 18, 2009 at 12:51:39

Sign of the times:

The Harris government lowered the provincial tax rates but the municipal tax rates started to soar, so what savings did you really get?

I see that you are self-employed, so I have ask this question: What if you got sick with a serious illness and could not work. What would you do then? One does not get on ODSP right away, it takes years, so in the meantime, you are left with welfare to support you. So if you are a single person, can you live on $572.00 per month? Do you think that would be fair?

The current system does little to help people to move forward. You would have to experience it to know about the system. You cannot lump all those accessing the services into one big lump. Many who are on the system cannot write, read or have a hard time doing simple math. Maybe the problem lies that they have had learning disabilities, that were not caught? I mean it is pretty hard today to find work without Grade 12.

Whatever you personal feelings are about unions, that fact remains that the labour movement brought forth things like number of hours one works, health and safety, benefits and pensions for when you retire. If you are employing people are you abiding by legislated labour laws under employment standards, Occupational Health and Safety Act, or some other legislation beyond OH&S, as there are other regulatory bodies that the act itself refers too.

You blame the unions but no blame on those at the top of the corporate structure which have caused many problems we are experiencing today. How come all those big banks and so on have been bailed out? Is that not a form of welfare? Or do you think that this type of welfare is acceptable? I do not think it is right to move jobs from here to other countries where labour rights are non existant. The corporate world wants free trade, open borders but when it comes to standardizing labour rights globally well they have a problem with that. This way they can exploit workers across the globe and you buy into this scenerio. It says alot about who you are.

And as far as you comment about Afghanistan preventing another 9/11, that is a joke. You may believe the official story but I do not. Those from Food not Bombs are trying to help those who are struggling which is more than what you are doing because you only look out for yourself and not the community at large.

Oh and by the way, I did not vote for McQuinty. I agree with you that the HST is going to put more strains on all people.

One of the causes of the french revolution was that the country was bankrupt, they sent an army to the US as a way to get back at the british. There was a couple of bad growing seasons and those at that bottom were really struggling. So King Louis taxed the flour in order to raise money to pay the bills for sending troops across the ocean, bread was the mainstay of the people at the bottom and now they could not afford even to buy flour, so they were starving. Thus the people started to get angry and history has been recorded.

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