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By A sign of the times ... (anonymous) | Posted September 18, 2009 at 10:49:07

grassroots -- Blaming the Harris Goverment for today's problems is laughable. Harris did something that every other politician is afraid to do - reward hard working individuals with lower taxes and peanilize those who take advantage of the system. Nobody wants to be on welfare, but people should be encouraged to get off of it as quickly as possible. There are families who have been on welfare of generations, literally. I would much rather have Harris in power, rather than the current goof ball who will be making the poor poorer with the new HST.

Yes, I shop at Future Shop and Ikea. Yes, the vast majority of the electronics and furniture I own are made in China. That being said, socia1ist, union-friendly goons are the ones to blame. Their high wages, generous benefits and pensions are to blame. Look at US Steel Canada, Railcar, GM, Chrysler and to a lesser extent Ford. I have absolutely no sympathy for those who got laid off after milking their employers for years.

Food Not Bombs is run by a bunch of pot smoking Commies. These idiots are so high on weed, they don't even know the nonsense they're spewing. If they got their heads out of their asses, they'd know that the force being used in Afghanistan is preventing another 9/11.

As for the plans for the Connaught... The only way Hamilton is going to get the Downtown Core up and running again is to get the riff-raff out. The Core needs people who have income to support downtown business ...... not welfare scabs who buy pop, chips and pizza at the corner store.

For the record, I am self-employed, I work 7 days a week and break my back to pay my bills. I'm not rich by any means. If I can do it, so can everyone else.

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