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By undesirable poor person lurking in your (anonymous) | Posted September 18, 2009 at 01:01:12

CHCH news did a story on this tonight. They interviewed a couple of "working poor" people who live in converted low-income downtown buildings who thought the Royal Connaught being converted was a wonderful idea so long as it was only for the WORKING poor (ie. incomes under $43,000 per yr) and kept the welfare UNDESIRABLES out.

I was appalled. Then I come here and what a bunch of haters most of you are! Kick us all out? There's enough low income housing already we don't need more? We just want handouts because we can't be bothered to work?

How about THIS scenario.. grew up middle class in Dundas (ie. WITH MONEY - PERHAPS LIKE YOU)... well educated (ie. WITH A DEGREE - PERHAPS LIKE YOU)... making decent money in the workforce and geesh, even paying taxes (ie. MIDDLE CLASS INCOME - PERHAPS LIKE YOU)

and then, through an "unfortunate circumstance" - and I leave it at that as it's nobody's damned business - I became disabled and was no longer able to hold down my job. After running through my EI/savings and an eventual bankruptcy I ended up on ODSP (that's the welfare version of disability for the uninitiated). For the record, I DO work to the extent that I'm able although most of it is then taken back by ODSP so I'm making no real extra. I like how I am automatically lumped into the "welfare bum looking for a handout" category and therefore hardly a human being anymore.

I live in an upscale area of the city and pay market rent (enough low-income housing my rear end - there's a 10 year waiting list). I wear brand name clothing, shower daily and OMG even have all of my teeth and nary a cavity in sight! Can you believe it? I don't even deal drugs/take drugs/visit methadone clinics let alone allow the front lawn to get too long. I can hear you now - if I can manage all of that, my $1000 a month cheque must be too much - let's cut it back further!!! How I manage is to save for months until I can purchase something. (Next time any of you has to save for 2 - 3 months for a couple of packages of socks - then we'll talk).

You'd better watch out because I might be the person next to you - associating with me might bring your property values down.

I really hope for your sake that none of you elitist snobs ever have anything happen that affects your incomes/jobs/security/health.

Do I think that the downtown should be overloaded with an abundance of low-income housing.. no. I agree it should be spread around. I also feel that it needs to be accessible to ALL - not just the "working poor". I agree that there need to be at least a skeleton framework of regulations in the lease agreements that make it possible for people to live harmoniously. But to hear comments like "Capitalist", et al.. hell, why not just round us all up and shoot us? Problem solved - the nasty poor people eradicated from Hamilton once and for all.

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