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By Publius Ovidius Naso (anonymous) | Posted September 17, 2009 at 12:36:15

I was on my way back to Rome last night, deeply happy that Adrian and Ryan started to douse the illogical fires lit by Jason, Reg and Tammany. I ended up missing my flight as I stopped to watch the Beasely Firefighter Tech's (BFT) heroic attempts late into the night to fight the backdraft - by logically ventilating the issues with facts.

Ready to leave again this morning, I caught the smoke still emanating from the many fires in Hamilton, and have decided to hang for a bit longer to see how this plays out.

BFT's approach if supported by Adrian and Ryan totally - will curtail the damage done to this platform, and lead to the proper re-framing of issues and questions - and the discovery a clear path on which Reg's "rest of everyone" will be able to walk with a clean conscience to begin populating a multi-class society in the core.

Almost forgot to mention, that I did receive a text message from Santa who is still in Portland. He was peeved that Jason still does not get the reasons as to why he had to leave Hamilton for the coast. He can't wait to return with the Christmas gift for Jason - but will wait until Jason sorts out the meanings of class, mass and density - as he feels it will just way be too expensive for him to gift three segregated LRT lines for the different classes that exist in Jason, Reg and Tammany's minds.

I did ask him how he felt about the other two, and - with Reg he was still just plain pissed for desecrating the gifts of 'seeing' that he had given him in the past; and with Tammny, well, he counter posed with - but can he play music and create art with the same passion he has for class?? He signed off by alluding to Richard Florida and his vain attempts to broaden the definition of his Creative Class thing - just to push his book sales and consulting gigs, and further enlightened me on the damage that this has done to the "true artists" who now have to mingle with potty-mouth bartenders and lawyers - who are beginning to jive to "movin' on up, To the east side…" - without them ever having to cut their teeth or even an ear or two on the altar of excellence in the arts, for earning the privilege of being in the creative class!!

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