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By grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted September 17, 2009 at 03:10:32

Adrian: This a great piece and I, for one am glad that you wrote. I don't feel so alone in my opinions.

People have to understand that the policies imposed the the harris government which striped people down so far and even today, the amounts received are not even liveable. Even if you found some work, you were penalized 100%, it may now be 50% or soon to be. People think that they get all these benefits but believe that don't, one must go through many channels. Coverage usually a bit better for the children but the parents, no.

The thing to remember is that it could happen to anyone, if you lose your job and just cannot find work, you could get sick and not have access to benefits.

Top that all off with temp work, our walmart jobs, wages have decreased across the board for many, many workers struggle, they have no beneftis and no pensions, no cahnce to save for retirement.

Anyways, Food no Bombs does some great food, it was real good at the anarchist bookfare a couple months back.

It should be noted that many who collect welfare are illerate, they still hold their heads up high.

Anyways, if you know someone who is having problems with welfare, they can contact the Peer to Peer mentoring at First Pilgrams United Church located on Main St just before Wellington, headed east. or call 905-524-0326.

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