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By Meredith (registered) - website | Posted September 14, 2009 at 15:17:29

Grassroots - I am no way, ever, saying the disabled should have less money.

But I was pretty shocked to find out I was living on less than they were - two days ago, from statistics someone else posted and I looked up. I had to verify them. I could not believe it.

And it's ridiculously embarrassing for me to post my own situation. But considering what the issue is, someone has to speak from personal experience.

That's based on Canadian statistics of what an Ontario person receiving disability welfare will obtain. Then subtract the average rent of a 1 bedroom in Hamilton. When I look at what I have left every month after my rent, to pay my hydro and eat everything else, it's less than that.

That's not to say anyone should be getting less, and especially not welfare recipients. A guaranteed minimum income would be great (though I doubt the positive effects would last long until things were jacked up to exploit the new minimum).

My point is that "only" having a disability welfare-level income is not a death sentence, even without subsidized housing, especially in this city - even if you need to pay more and get extra help because you can't walk places or carry groceries or other things a healthy person can do: such as the gentleman I know with severe RA who has to get everything delivered by Grocery Gateway (with the attendant markup) or the folks I know with MS, including those in my family. (like the article you posted).

The paltry amounts of those who are on welfare and are able to work are a whole other story, I understand. That's a really bad place to be, and I can't imagine being there.

I don't have a lot of money, and there's enough people like me downtown - able-bodied or not, nice or not, good character or not, educated or not. It's economic reality that whatever else positive is brought downtown, it doesn't change without money involved.

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