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By ror (anonymous) | Posted September 14, 2009 at 11:38:46

Currently I live in the downtown core. I am educated, speak english, and "surprise!" i am out of work right now. So in the eyes of many of the people in this thread, I shouldn't have the privilege to live in the downtown core. Why? because i have no purchasing power. It upsets me when i read postings from people in this city who believe that the downtown is no place for poor people, and the subsidized housing that some need.

you could be poor one day too. i didn't expect it, but i make do. and it helps being downtown. I dont have to have a car to get around. i can walk. i can buy my groceries without having to take a taxi. i don't even need a bus pass.

Did anyone else pick up on the fact that only a fraction of the housing in the connaught is going to be public? who knows, the shops and dwellings in the connaught proposal might actually make the pedestrianization of gore park make sense. with pedestrian areas, you need anchors at either end to make people want to walk there. At one end you have Jackson Square, at the other end of gore park, what do we have now? an empty hotel. so why not allow shops to go there. why not have people live there. at least there will be something, rather than nothing.

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