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By Really? (registered) | Posted September 14, 2009 at 10:23:24

I agree, this is the most civil/on-side discussion on RTH thus-far!

Re: the Dundas & Sherbourne point, I'm not sure many of you know, but it was recently named the Most Dangerous Neighbourhood in Toronto (

It's amazing that, despite seeing clear evidence of Ghettoization, Hamilton Council continues to take the same path they've been taking for the last 25-30 years. They see Downtown as the best for amenity accessibility, and only because most other (newer) neighbourhoods were built to keep the poor out (aka built for cars). Simply b/c Downtown is 'most accessible' does not mean all social services need to be concentrated here.

Perhaps the City should increase accessibility to ALL neighbourhoods in Hamilton, Disperse the Social Services between these Nodes, and create a perfectly balanced and sustainable urban City (such as Toronto) where everyone, no matter age/race/social status/whatever can live together and support their respective communuties.

This is CLEARLY a Public Money 'Grab' by Battaglia & the Connaught 'Consortium' (aka LIUNA -Masters of the Public Money Swindlers).

Make sure everyone sends letters, or the same one forwarded, to Council, Mayor Fred, Andrea Horwath, David Christopherson, and The Spec (and local publications: Corktown Crier, Hamilton Downtowner, Mountain/Stoney Creek News, etc).

If it's Council & Co.'s GOAL to make Gore Park Hamilton's version of Sherbourne/Dundas (Regent Park/St Jamestown) by "Bring[ing] More People Downtown", then CONGRATS -- You have succesfully killed any hope of the Gore, or Downtown in General, to come back from life at all.

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