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By beasleyfireworkstechnician (anonymous) | Posted September 13, 2009 at 11:17:22

Thurs Sept 17th - 7pm - Pheasant Plucker (20 Augusta)

This isn't about proving yourself right or solving the problem. It's about:

step 1. drinking beer

step 2. understanding that one hotel is touching on a bunch of complicated issues that a whole lot of smart people care about, and that discussing complicated issues on the internet makes all of us (especially myself) sound stupid at times.

step 3. drinking more beer, and talking with people you might not always agree with.

citizenship isn't about being around people you always agree with, but recognizing that we all live here, that we need to disagree with each other, and that we all engage in this city in different ways.

see you thursday.

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