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By Meredith (registered) - website | Posted September 12, 2009 at 18:47:05

I know it's a tangent, but I completely agree with Grassroots on the microfinance aspect. More types of microfinance in Hamilton, (as well as international programs of course), would be a great idea!

I'd like to see a corresponding ban on payday loan places and certain other businesses in most neigbhourhods, the government to actually cap interest rates, and much, much better education in our schools about how money works.

Just had to say that, because I truly believe that having a lower-than-average income does not mean you need to have a bad quality of life, and that money can be made to work for you, no matter what your income level. I think I've lived it long enough to have proved it, but I've also seen firsthand how tough it is to get ahead or to get ideas off the ground.

We live in a system where it's very tough to get financing for a lot of things, as well as to get education about how businesses and personal finance work, and to ever get ahead if you're below a certain income - and we need to leverage creativity, passion, knowledge and hard work even when there isn't already startup dollars behind it.

Back to the Connaught now.

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