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By grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted September 12, 2009 at 18:35:34

Michelle Martin: I never said this was NIMBYISM, my rant was about people's attitudes, trying to demonize those who struggle.

Don't think for one second that I believe the spin that is coming from those, the elite of our society.

Affordable housing is an issue, poverty is an issue, lack of jobs and the loss of jobs, contribute greatly. I know that the spin they give, the numbers are dated when they say poverty levels have decreased to 18%. I have a report from the SPRC, that clearly shows this reduction they go on about happen a few of years back when they got many seniors access to benefits such as Income Supplement Benefits, many do not know that they could access.

It was back in 2006, they had that big meeting at city council about the Lister block and three years later, there it still sits an empty albratrose.

For the downtown to improve, it must be a grassroots movement, that includes all types of people getting involved and participating. Instead of wishing for big named retailers to come, we should be promoting the small businesses.

Someone made the suggestion of taking those millions and making them accessible to those that struggle as micro-loans. Many people who struggle have good ideas, they just lack the funding.

Instead of promoting the negative, why not promote the positive things such as the library, the market, the galleries, the restaurants, local musical events and so on down the line.

The waste of tax dollars that goes on is horrendous, yet when push come to shove, it is always the poor that are blamed. The rich always look for for themselves, it is up to the rest of us to change that power structure.

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