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By Meredith (registered) - website | Posted September 12, 2009 at 16:17:31

Schoobabe, please actually read what I wrote before accusing it, and me, of NIMBYism.

As mentioned, I grew up poor. I am still living below the poverty line. I know many people who are poor with great talents and actively contributing to society.

No, being rich isn't virtuous, but neither is being poor virtuous in itself.Different types of character strengths and weaknesses tend to accompany different demographics, but you'll find addiction problems, abuse, broken families, and laziness in every demographic - wealth just tends to sweep things other the rug better, but they're still there.

It doesn't change the underlying economic reality: we need ALL types of people in Hamilton. We need people with more skills and more income and spending power than I have in this city, not JUST poor people LIKE ME.

The street I live on works well because we have everyone from drug dealers (a few doors down) to a doctor (my next door neighbour) to immigrant families (across the street) to single parents (downstairs in my building) to young professionals (next door on the other side) to students (a few doors down) to seniors (down the street) on it. More than one group. If the street was all doctors or all students or all single parents or young professionals, it would be a much less successful and less pleasant place to live.

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