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By jason (registered) | Posted September 10, 2009 at 21:17:20

scoop, if your info is correct, and I have no reason to believe it isn't based on what I've seen from this 'development' consortium in the past, we ALL need to start emailing the heck out of council, the province and the Spec. This will become Hamilton's Regent Park if the grand old lady is allowed to turn into a mega-social services centre.

Don't forget to mention in your writings that social housing on King Street alone is being built or just completed at Spallacci, the Gore Building, Queen/King street at the All Saints church and a massive 4 building complex at King and Ray. Within about a 10 minute walk there is a ton of social housing, and now they want to add this???

In the past I've heard councilors and local civic leaders talk about how downtown will never go back to it's glory days. I always aks "why not?" Portland, Boston, Toronto, Vancouver, Seattle etc....all have vibrant downtowns that are the CENTRE of those cities shopping and retail markets. We've got so called leaders in Hamilton who have thrown in the towel by making statements like that. With decisions like this one, you can be guaranteed that downtown will never regain it's rightful place in Hamilton. But it's not because urbanism is out of style or can't be revived. It's solely because of garbage decisions like this meant to do one thing and one thing only - fatten the pockets of the rich with our tax money. Everyone involved in having this project approved ought to be ashamed of themselves and do us all a favour and leave town. Enough is enough.

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