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By Capitalist (anonymous) | Posted September 10, 2009 at 09:48:58

Some quotes from today's spec article:

"If selected by the province, the project would receive $12.9 million from the housing program and $5.6 million in tax and fee breaks from the city. The units would be geared toward seniors and the disabled."

"Mayor Fred Eisenberger said the plan achieves the city's goal of bringing more people to the core."

"Battaglia said people's opinions will depend on how they view affordable housing. The units will be targeted toward the working poor."

I am beginning to think that Hamilton is the stupidest city on the face of the earth. The reason why downtown Hamilton looks like a leper colony is because it is populated largely by poor people, poor elderly and disabled people. These people do not have the financial means to shop at good retail outlets or good restaurants or visit other downtown venues such as the theatre or the AGH. Thus the downtown is full of cheap dollar stores and Salvation Army discount stores. Middle class people move to the mountain or suburbs where they can get the services they desire and live in a hood where people take care of their properties with pride of ownership (Jason, why are you not ranting about how this is causing "urban sprawl").

So what is the city's solution? - more subsidized housing!

The city is taking this path because it is much easier to fill the RC with bums than it is to actually work hard to redevelop what was once an upscale location.

This episode displays how this city has declined to a complete and utter joke.

Can you imagine the city council's of Toronto, London (ont), Montreal, or any other city even considering something like this? They would fight tooth and nail to ensure that this property is returned back to its former glory!

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