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By frank (registered) | Posted September 10, 2009 at 08:55:48

Ryan said "Any viable solution must provide a path from poverty to economic security - and I still think cultivating mixed-income neighbourhoods is part of that path."

Agreed, but having volunteered at one of the shelters downtown I can corroberate what synxer is saying... Unfortunately, while we'd like to think that the majority of homeless or "down on their luck" people are itching for a chance at a better life, the reality is that they only time they'll take that chance is if it's a handout... The danger in that is exactly what others are saying, because of lack or will or simply lack of skill they don't look after their houses and bring the property values of the places around them down. (btw, Jerome Crescent is NOT affordable housing... I have yet to see one person who doesn't take pride in their property. You need to look a bit more northwest for that)

I understand the desire for mixed neighbourhoods but what amounts to essentially a 50/50 split for units in the Connaught is preposterous. If affordable housing is to be incorporated into it, it should be 25% or less - there's enough affordable housing in the area.

Perhaps another idea, instead of simply building affordable housing all over the place would be to take a look at why there's such a demand for it...?

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