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By tarquinfintimlimbimlimbimbimbimbimbussto (anonymous) | Posted September 09, 2009 at 09:14:58

banks will probably destroy society soon if left unchecked. it is time the law stopped protecting their seemingly(?) criminal activities and the outdated monetary system was removed to make way for a fairer system of society. the film "zeitgeist addendum" addresses this issue and presents a very clever solution called the venus project, which is the culmination of some six decades of development and is probably humanity's last hope, not to mention the only real chance for freedom from the unprecedented and covert slavery of the economic system.

why people should work their precious lives away in meaningless jobs, suffer terrible stress, competition, lack, crime and violence, poverty related neuroses, sickness or death for money while a small portion of the population lives in relatively total freedom and opulence, laughing at the rest of us scrambling around like lemmings, stuck in traffic jams, cues, dead end jobs, endlessly wasting our lives for these parasites, is one of the last great unanswered questions for mankind to answer.

the benefits of solving this conundrum could transcend the hopes of the worlds religious population, end all violent conflict and usher in a truly fururistic and sophiticated society. what we endure now is utterly barbaric by comparison. we could evolve into a mature species almost overnight once the economic tumor is removed from society. those well meaning legal, political military, police, industrial and media related 'guardians' are unwittingly keeping us trapped in this stranglehold, and are among the most urgently in need of educating about the great scam that rules our lives. thankfully the knowledge is beginning to permeate the population.

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