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By Really? (registered) | Posted September 08, 2009 at 18:00:51

JonC, you're right, it's right beside Hairilicious 'Salon' ;)
Better yet, walk three steps down and you'll be at Mex-I-Can Mmmmm

Capitalist, and almost everyone else on this board, are absolutely correct! If this were to go ahead, theoretically, downtown Hamilton will never be able to attract Big Name Reatailers. And if they somehow manage to land one or two in the core, I can guarantee they'll close shop within 3 years if the Connaught is used for affordable housing rather than market-value condos/lofts.

No one is saying the less-wealthy are bad, undesirable low-lifes... we're simply pointing to the obvious fact that they're in affordable housing because they cannot afford market-rate rent, which would suggest that they don't have much disposable income, if any at all.

What benefit would an additional 150 low/no-income residents have on our Downtown Core? More pedestrian traffic/density? Don't need it! Downtown Hamilton is already FAR busier than most US Downtowns I've visited, which coincidently usually have more Big Name Retailers. Why? I can only assume it's b/c those Big Names are catering to the 9-5 Business Crowd (which Downtown Hamilton severely lacks) rather than the 5pm-On 'low-income' residents, which is probably why US Downtowns are Ghost Towns past 5pm, or on weekends.

If we had an additional 150 middle-class --or better -- residents in the Connaught, it may show Big Name Retailers that there are 150 more people willing, and ABLE, to spend money on frivelous items, etc.

Fill the Connaught with the less-wealthy, you turn Gore Park into Regent Park Jr. --An area plagued by desception and ne'er-do-wells. Hmmm, sounds like Gore Park today!

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