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By synxer (registered) | Posted September 08, 2009 at 15:42:44

For once, I can agree with what Capitalist is trying to say -- and to an extent he's right.

Before downvoting:

I've been homeless. I've lived in Martha's House shelter, Inasmuch house, Second Stage Housing and a few others outside of Hamilton. Mind you, I was younger when I dealt with higher poverty -- but I did happen to notice a trend.

There were people who didn't want to be in the shelter. There were people who almost seemingly loved it.

The people who wanted out, made good of their life and used the services provided to orchestrate higher expectations for themselves. Sadly, these people made up the minority of each and every poverty-stricken environment I lived amongst.

I know we all want to view the poor as "poor them", but reality is not so 4-colour brouchure as it appears. It is easier to be poor for some than to be successful.

We should consider that while we calculate to solve the problem, that all factors should be included -- even if it isn't "politically correct".

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