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By Bedlam (anonymous) | Posted September 05, 2009 at 22:02:06

Downtown neighbourhoods will always have the highest concentration of poor folks. Neighbourhoods in Corktown, along some of the north end; the cannon st. corridor, barton st. have a housing stock that will attract lower income folks. However, these are good neighbourhoods and one shouldn't confuse lower economic areas with slums. However, to acutally build low income housing in a Connaught building is just bass-ackwards. The city just doesn't have a vision for what a downtown needs as evidenced by the move to designate the Connaught in the first position for Federal/Provincial Stimulus funds. This smacks of a political decision to assuage I'm not sure whose sensibilities. It doesn't portend the right kinds of messages.

As for spreading affordable housing throughout the city, it is already the case in most suburban areas. Certainly Stoney Creek and Glanbrook; Dundas and Ancaster to a lesser extent; and Waterdown has its less affluent areas as well.

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